Cooperative Responses to Venezuela's Crisis

A Roadmap for Negotiations

During the past decade, Venezuela suffered one of the largest economic and humanitarian crises seen in modern economic history outside of wartime. Yet the prevalent thinking in the international and policy communities has prioritized the design of policy solutions to be implemented after a political transition alongside efforts to generate domestic political change. Regrettably, these efforts have proved insufficient, ineffective, and at times even counterproductive in helping overcome the deep deterioration in living conditions suffered by Venezuelans.

Cooperative Responses to Venezuela’s Crisis seeks to think outside the box of the prevailing conventional wisdom that believes that nothing can be done to help Venezuelans in the absence of political change. The volume consolidates existing knowledge and proposals to address Venezuela’s crisis within a framework of cooperation among the country’s political and non-political stakeholders. Intended to provide a roadmap for negotiations, it presents a compendium of proposals made by scholars, policy experts and civil society organizations to address the deprivations suffered by vulnerable Venezuelans through agreements between the parties to the country’s political conflict.